Book cover design and portrait photography
Easy Heat consumer package design (Lowes, Menards, etc.)
While I wrote the blog, I post this link for its illustration I created
Logo and data sheet design: SR Trace, still in use
Freeze Free installation instructions (layout, photography, illustrations) still in use
Logo, photography, illustration, copy
Social Media
Nearly all posts to date for calendar year 2017, including all obvious branded content’s copy, photography, “ad” creation/ posting optimized for FB, animated GIF

I did all the work on this page (writing, photography and PDF document development, to include art within those documents). A review of the internal magnetic switch suggested confusion on one (significant) customer’s part. I developed a quick, rough video for the customer and began a formal video to post online. For the formal video, I developed a storyboard, script, shot list, raw video and some animation before my responsibilities were redirected to sales activities.
The following link relates the idea for what the video was to demonstrate (note: I illustrated and ghost-wrote this article for the sales manager, Dennis Sizemore)
Client required editing, color correction and audio voice-over for this product demonstration video

eCommerce Examples

eCommerce sites I recently managed (links as of 01/25/2018): and (created all content on this site to date) (maintenance), colorized product from black and photo-edited accessories arrangements here, here, here and here; compare with this, which has one black item representing several colors
Amazon store product maintenance, content management including extrapolating several colors from a single product (here)

This article was written to position ETI as a thought-leader for the snow and ice management industry
(I did the photography and Photoshop treatment for the article as well) [28 posts in all]
I wrote or ghost-wrote every post from June 3, 3013 through March 2, 2015. (As of June 15, 2017, the three posts since then are not examples of branded copy.) These links demonstrate both writing, illustration and photography skills as applied to website posting.
Blog posts that are uncredited and/or otherwise credited to Chuck Gartland (sales manager for telecommunications market and eventually president), Dennis Sizemore (sales manager for heat trace market) and Dave Mays (customer/technical support manager) were done for those cases where responses to any particular article could be directed to the appropriate department. Additional links at the end of this document.
Additional ETI Blog Posts (with byline or ghost-written) (my photography, photo illustration as well) (my photography, photo-editing as well) (including my SEO formatting, illustrations as well) (my photography, SEO formatting as well) (including SEO formatting, my photography and page layout as well) (my photography. Photo-editing as well) (my photography, illustrations and on-product art as well) (my product photography, SEO as well)

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